News 2024.03.21

CEO Yasunori Takeuchi spoke at the 349th CFO Seminar, organized by Japan Association for CFOs.

CEO Takeuchi spoke about “the impact of international agreements on corporate behavior” at the 349th CFO Seminar, based upon his observations and take aways from the COP 28 study tour. 

Following Mr. Takeuchi’s talk, Ms. Kae Takase, Senior Coordinator of Renewable Energy Institute spoke on the topic of “Clearing Up Energy Misconceptions: How Far Can Renewable Energy Go?”

This series of seminars have been organized by the Japan Association for CFOs (JACFO) for their members. Appreciating the importance of roles and responsibilities that CFOs could play in increasing corporate value, JACFO works on talent development and financial/accounting skills improvement for CFOs.   For more info on JACFO, please visit here.