News 2024.03.22

Mr Takeuchi spoke at the conference attended by the UK and Japanese high-level representatives from political, business, and academic communities

Yasunori Takeuchi, Representative Director of CAJ, was invited to attend the 40th joint conference of Japan-UK 21st Century Group, where he spoke about “Finance for Transition to Green Energy” at the session 3: “Climate Change and Energy”.

Japan-UK 21st Century Group was launched in 1985 at the joint recommendation of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone in an aim to promote dialogue and cooperation between the two countries. The group meet annually in conferences that are held alternately in the UK and Japan and discuss wide range of issues facing the both countries. A summary report and recommendations are submitted to the prime ministers of both countries.

Chaired by Mr. Seiji Kihara, member of the House of Representatives for Japan and Rt Hon Andrew Lord Lansley CBE for the UK, approx. 20 Japanese and 20 British participants attended the 40th conference. Those attendees who represented parliamentarians, business leaders, academics, and government from both countries, discussed the agenda as follows:  i) foreign policy of the UK and Japan; ii) global security; iii) climate change and energy; iv) global health; and v) Artificial Intelligence.

At the session iii) climate change and energy, Takeuchi spoke about the role of finance in the transition to green energy, touching upon available schemes to help increase investment and financing in renewable energy. He also stressed that the engagement with companies would have an impact on reducing the financed emission through the investment value chain.  

Working extensively with our partners and allies in the UK, CAJ strives to achieve net zero for our better future.