Uncategorized 2024.05.29

NextGen Talent Development Project for Sustainable Finance

We are pleased to inform you that a NextGen Talent Development Project for Sustainable Finance was delivered in collaboration with the Japan Sustainable Investment Forum (JSIF) for five months from January to May this year, and the final debriefing session was held on 29 May to validate the outcomes of the project activities.

This project aimed at providing some holding environment for young professionals to freely and openly discuss their experiences and challenges at their workplace in sustainable finance, and ensure their ‘voices’ are heard and respected by corporate people and policymakers who often put more weight on demand-side perspective (for human capital).

A total of 12 participants from eight JSIF member companies and the Financial Services Agency (FSA) met once a month in person to engage in free and vigorous discussions.  In the course of discussions, common issues and challenges facing young professionals were identified such as the lack of training opportunities that are commensurate with the vast amount of relevant information on sustainable finance and the deep gap between the sustainability department and other departments over the recognition and understandings on the importance of sustainability, which in turn, makes it difficult to collaborate, to mention a few.  Participants also discussed the possible remedy for identified challenges, which were presented at the final debriefing session where three experts were invited to comment: namely, Mr. Hideki Takada (Director of the Strategy Development Division, FSA; Ms. Reiko Hayashi, Chief Executive of JSIF/Deputy President at Bofa Securities Japan Co Ltd; and Mr. Masaru Arai, Chairperson of JSIF.  Those guest speakers also provided valuable suggestions on the direction Japan’s sustainability finance should take.

CAJ continues to support talent development efforts of the next generation, which in turn, contributes to Japan’s ability to make more effective policies and country narrative on sustainability finance.